Becoming an Adoptive Parent

Why adopt through the
Children’s Aid Society?
  • No standard waiting periods
  • Home studies and training at no cost
  • Professional support & guidance
  • Support groups & a variety of programs
  • Assistance with Lifebooks
  • Availability of sibling groups
  • Subsidies for children with special needs
    until they are 18
  • Consultations available after adoption is finalized
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My husband and I have been blessed by adoption through the Catholic Children’s Aid of Society of Toronto (CCAS). We have been told many times by friends and relatives how lucky our newly adopted children are to be part of our family. In truth, my husband and I feel like the lucky ones; these children have changed our lives.
— Couple adopted twins from CCAS
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About Us

We are one of four Children's Aid Societies in Toronto. Funded by the Government of Ontario and mandated by the Child and Family Services Act of Ontario, we provide child protection services 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a day.

We work with Toronto's Catholic community to protect children from neglect and physical, sexual and emotional abuse.